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"Respect for talent , nurturing talent , ability and integrity, expertise and resources " as the Lampe mine personnel concept.
Talent is Lampe 's first resource . Be tolerant to diversity , so that the dragon take off ; 1000 boats compete in any of the heroes rushed . " Gala essence . Ph.D., master's and senior management , or fighting in the production , sales , research , service line , with their industrious hands to play to their intelligence and wisdom , and constantly open Lampe Appliance ordinary workers , managers, marketing personnel, research workers have the same Lampe development and indispensable talents .
Lampe choose the person concept
—— The capacity doctrine " rather than" academic Marxism "
Between the qualifications and capabilities , we value the ability to ; between virtue and talent , we preferred to virtue .
Lampe employment outlook
—— " Gang affordable."
Gang fitness can people for the right . Each position to select the most suitable person , each person in Lampe appliances can find the most suitable for their posts .
Establish a fair and just healthy competition mechanism to allow those who can afford Yongzhe, we do everything we can do to their fitness , bit fitness of its people !
Lampe education concept
——" Character building , capacity synthesizer
Character is a prerequisite for a measure of talent , the deeper moral consciousness , the higher the ability and play . In the Lampe electrical human resource development , character and ability are precious resources . Employees to learn and grow investment , we are most willing to provide professional system of training and learning opportunities for each employee , as the growth of staff to promote the continuous development of enterprises !
The Lampe Jin Ideals
——"Performance , plus potential quality Giga talent
The outstanding performance is the basis of promotion , the development potential of individuals for future jobs is also necessary . Performance can not be promoted ; no development potential , the same can not be promoted , Lampe electrical employment outlook is consistent . At the same time, the character and competence is a necessary condition for talent promotion .
Lampe keep people concept
——" Benefits to keep people using the space for development to keep people in an atmosphere sentiments
Great importance to the value of the expression of individual employees . In while Lampe electrical work , the career to be successful , a great improvement in the material life , creating an emotional big family , so that the infection of the warmth of everyone at home to care for each other , support each other and improve together .
To provide staff with :

The spacious and comfortable office environment ;
Professional operating methods and management style;
Perfect, very competitive pay and benefits system ;
Focus on employee growth and career planning .
Personnel perspective :
        "Take only diversification , Yucai diversified , become multi-polar " point of view . Taught the path of creating a multi-polar . Utilized, its length, g its short , efforts to create an environment conducive to the growth of talent , the formation that everyone is just everyone can become a good atmosphere .

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